I would like to comment on my recent experience selling my home and purchasing another. Although I have been through the experience a few times, it has been a stressful event each time. Meredith Kennedy was the realtor who helped me with this sale and purchase, and she helped make these processes as smooth as possible.

I feel that Meredith did a wonderful job in the wording of the listing of my home, I believe she suggested the correct listing price for the area and the market. The photographer she arranged to take photos, did a great job. These factors all helped to sell my home quickly.

Meredith travelled out of town to help me house hunt. I appreciate that she went through the houses with an experienced eye. Meredith even made a suggestion that I had not considered as an option how to rectify a problem in the house that I eventually bought.

I am so pleased that Meredith was my “realtor of record”. She was professional and personable at all times. She was extremely quick to respond to my inquiries, and she kept me well informed. I would highly recommend her, and I absolutely would not hesitate to call her the next time I need to move.

Andrea Giffen

We were very pleased with our experience of working with Meredith to help purchase our home. She was kind, friendly, honest and easy to work with. She was incredibly responsive to any questions or query we had. We would be happy to work with her again or to recommend her to a friend.

Amanda & Jeremy

If you are not using Meredith as your Realtor you just made your first mistake! Meredith honestly does explode all the stereotypes associated with Realtors.Her level of communication was not only exceptional it far exceeded anything we have experienced in the service industry.She was amazingly quick to find/retrieve the information that we sought, went out of her way to make herself available,respond to emails/phone calls amazingly fast and her follow-up with us and other Realtors was immediate after showings. She worked our deal so that we were in a multiple offer situation and then expertly guided us through this entire process ultimately securing us terms and a price that we had not even imagined. Meredith is warm, friendly and does look out for your best interests. We have now worked with Meredith a couple of times and if you want a true professional who treats you with respect, kindness and individuality as well as someone who will go well beyond what you might expect….then the choice is simple…..go with the best…..Meredith Kennedy

From the moment I met Meredith I knew there was something special about her. She is kind, caring, incredibly knowledgable, confident in herself and the service she provides. My girlfriend and I looked a long time at properties to find the right one that suited our needs, Meredith met with us on many occasions, house after house until we found the right one. As first time home buyers we had no idea what we were doing or even the steps to get there, sure we looked it up online but at the end of the day it really didn’t get us any closer to understanding any of it. Meredith was so patient, she walked us through every step of the way and guided us through this at first stressful process and turned it into a fun and educational one. We couldn’t be happier with Meredith and her expertise. We highly recommend her and have referred her to everyone we know who’s buying, looking to sell or just plain curious about real estate. Thank you Meredith!

Benjamin & Kylea

Meredith is a wonderful Realtor. She takes the time to get to know her clients and what their needs and wants are. She is caring, realistic and readily available to help in any way that she can. (She even offered to come to my house and help me dig up my septic tank lids! Now who does that?) Meredith was fabulous! This girl knows her stuff! Thanks, Meredith!!

Cheryl and boys

We first met Meredith when we purchased our rental property. She was incredibly helpful throughout the process especially given the fact that this was our first experience in the rental world. The home we selected was not even on the market yet but Meredith was aware of the Sellers interest through her knowledge and connections in the area. The property came with tenants, has been quite lucrative and needless to say years later we are very happy with the home! We recently decided that it was time for our growing family to make a move into a larger home with more property. After a great previous experience, we asked Meredith to help us to achieve this goal and yet again had a fantastic experience! Meredith went above and beyond to make the purchase of our dream home happen! Communcation was always timely, questions always answered and Meredith was always considerate throughout the emotional ups and downs that go along with the process. As excited as we were about the acceptance of our offer, I was a bit skeptical to say the least when it came to the sale of our current home. I love my home, but will other people? We feel that our home is worth this much but will other people? I hope that I don’t have to keep my house immaculate for months on end with a 4 and 6 year old at home. Thoughts running through my head were non stop but Meredith helped to keep my calm. She had the utmost confidence that our home would sell and her instincts were correct! Our home was on the market for all of 3 days, had 7 showings and lead to 3 offers!!! Meredith accomodated our request and threw an open house in the mix as well but in the end, although it generated lots of interest this event wasn’t even necessary as the moment the open house concluded there were 3 agents at our door ready to present us with offers! I didn’t believe that a bidding war was possible in little old Millbrook let alone an offer well above asking price and no conditions! As soon as the paper work was complete we put the sold sign on the lawn and were done with the selling process! We owe Meredith a great big thank you. Definitely recommend her services!

Buying my first home was an incredibly stressful and emotional journey. Confined to a very small geographical area made it even more so. While it took quite some time, Meredith’s honesty, patience and reassurance saw me through a very scary, but exciting time. Her sense of humour, combined with her professionalism helped minimize my frustrations with the process and supported me in making a decision when the time was right for me. Like so many others, I feel the need to highlight the fact that I never once felt pressured and always came first. Meredith’s interest lay genuinely with me as the buyer, not with ‘the end deal’. In fact there were many times, when at the point of exasperation, Meredith would remind me that when you find the right place, ‘you’ll just know.’ She was right! Through this process my list of ‘must haves’ changed and I learned to compromise, but every time I open the door and walk into my house, I smile. Thanks, Meredith.

Meredith was everything I could have hoped for in a realtor and more. I had to sell my house quickly because of a change in jobs and cities and was quite prepared to list it at a lower price just to get it sold, but Meredith assured me that she would be able to sell it at a higher price and within just a few hours of it being listed, we had an offer! From the beginning of the process right through to the closing date Meredith was the consummate professional. If you are looking for an agent you can trust who operates with 100% integrity in everything she does, then Meredith is the agent for you. She was ALWAYS available and responsive to my needs and questions and took on the role of not only my real estate agent, but a trusted friend as well. What more can I say? She’s a natural at what she does and it shows.

Meredith sold my house for me. I was very pleased with her services, she was always to the point, honest with input, and gave me the exact advice I needed. She gave me feedback on a regular basis and was within reach whenever I needed to contact her with questions. I highly recommend Meredith as one top notch Realtor who doesn’t beat around the bush, and her expertise on house value was right on. Thanks Meredith for making the sale of my house a pleasure rather than a burden. Even though I was very happy to sell my house in a short time, I also miss our little fun texts to which she promptly replied to. Very pleased indeed.

We worked with Meredith both on the sale and purchase of our new home. She has integrity, is professional and honest. Which, are the values she is building her business on; something we appreciated very much. Although selling and buying a home is not always a smooth journey, Meredith supported us through the ‘lumps and bumps’ and we enjoyed working with her. Good luck with all of your future endeavors and we agree with out a doubt, you have made success of this business! Thank you!

Shane & Autumn

My husband and I met with Meredith quite a few times before we found our dream house. She was always available when we were to go look at houses. She knew what we wanted better than we did actually! We kept changing our minds and trying to find something else, but she always knew exactly what we wanted and would show us the houses we had requested to see, but she would also sneak one or two in there that she thought were right for us, and each of the houses she picked out are the ones we liked the best. She is an amazing agent and anyone would be lucky to get her. She’s not like other agents, she is very down to earth and HONEST about her opinion, which is very important. We would ask her personal opinion all the time because we didn’t know much about the area and if the house was worth the asking price, and she would be right there to say yes or no. Going house hunting with Meredith was like going house hunting with a friend, very comfortable and laid-back. I highly recommend her!

If you are either seeking help with either selling your property or just help with finding a new home tailor made to your requirements, then look no further than Meredith Kennedy. She took on the challenge with selling a residential/commercial fishing resort operation, an item that has a narrow market and can take some time to sell. Meredith was not overwhelmed and approached the challenge by first establishing a very professional listing, complete with a virtual tour of our home and also our cottage resort … our only comments upon seeing it were … WOW!!!!!. She accurately targeted the right markets and within a few months we received a firm offer. Not once were we ever pressured to rethink the pricing in this limited market. Liking her low key but also her very competent approach we called upon her services to help us find that new dream home .. again mission accomplished and we now looking to start a new phase of our lives in just a few more week. We could continue forever with the accolades but all we can say to anyone reading this testimonial is “Look no further … you have found your ULTIMATE PROFESSIONAL”

WOW! My husband and I were very impressed with the great service we got from Meredith when we were looking for a property to purchase. She picked up immediately on the type of property we had in mind and worked very diligently to filter listings, show us properties every weekend and give us her honest opinions. She was never pushy, always calm and patient and helped us buy the home we wanted for a price we could afford.Then came time to sell our home of almost 30 years. She helped us decide how to show it to its best and with us, developed a good marketing plan. Even more important, she managed to keep the entire process as stress-free as possible. We listed the house with Meredith and within 24 hours had numerous showings, multiple offers and sold well above list!! Didn’t even get to the open house. She guided us every step of the way and dealt professionally and knowledgeably with other realtors. We couldn’t be happier with both our purchase and sale and would strongly recommend Meredith to anyone who needs an excellent realtor.

I asked Meredith to represent us when we sold our house on Brookhouse Drive. I met Meredith through church and had gotten to know her a little. I liked the fact that unlike some real estate agents she was not at all pushy or insistant. At all times during our association re the house she was understanding patient and knowledgeable. She stood up for us and helped us decide on the price, and she was diligent in presenting the house often. She had two or three open houses and advertised the house well. The brochure she made up showed the house at its best. The house sold quickly and for a great price, and in today’s market as well. I am really glad we went with Meredith, and if I ever need to sell a house again she will be the first one I call. Thanks for everything Meredith.

Pat Emblin

We had finally made the emotional decision to sell our house that had been in the family for many years. Meredith was a great support and guided us through many “interesting” situations that came up with the selling of our house. Meredith was always wonderful with timely communication and assisted us with financial decisions and with any decision that concerned the selling of our home and the purchase of our new home. We definitely furthered our friendship through this experience. Thanks Meredith!

Catherine and Paul Switzer

When we finally made the difficult decision to sell our home of 13 years and downsize, Meredith was very supportive, patient and encouraging. The sale of our home occurred quickly, but finding the ‘right’ house in our price range meant we looked at a lot of houses. We feel Meredith understood our requirements and our budget. It was important to her to find a house that we were happy with and she wanted to ensure it would have re-sale value in the future. Meredith worked extremely hard to find our ‘right’ house. She is professional, flexible, courteous, has a wonderful sense of humour, and we would highly recommend Meredith as a realtor. We have come to regard Meredith as a friend.

Robin and Brian

I really appreciated Meredith’s patience and diligence in helping me find the home I wanted. Her practical approach made the selection process easy and sense of humour made it fun.

Brenda Baker

We are extremely excited and happy about our new farm! as you may imagine farm properties do not come up for sale quite as easily or frequently as residential lots seem to so it seemed like it would be a long process. Meredith did some excellent leg work and listened well to what we were looking for and what we needed for a farm. She found one and we signed the papers in less than a week! We’re now eyeballs deep in work, but enjoying it thoroughly. Thank you very much Meredith!

Sean and Brigitte

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